Want to feel the sensation of flying across a sparkling ocean?
Feel the wind in your hair?
Get that adrenalin rush in your body and the endorphins go bananas.

Get in touch with us at Båstad kite and we can make that possible for you.

We are an IKO affiliated kitesurfing centre with IKO certified instructors.

All of our teaching have high safety standards in smaller groups. There are different courses available for you depending on your abilities, whether you have previous experience or if you require a refresher.

All gear needed for kitesurfing is included. Wet suits, boots, gloves, kite, bar, harness, board and a very friendly, professional and well-educated instructor.

All you need to do is show up well rested and ready to learn.

However, it is impossible to control the wind (too bad!). If the weather fails we will book another day. The course is valid for 1 year.

The direction of the wind will dictate which beach we will meet at. Our main spots are Lagans mynning, Skummeslöv, Malen stranden, and Mellbystrand. Sometimes we go a bit further to Halmstad or Falkenberg to get the best wind conditions.

Rent Kite gear

You will have to show a certificate from IKO or similar.

Kite, board, bar, harness, wet suits from Core, North, Ozone and Mystic.

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Kite Courses

We teach in small groups. Starting with theory and safety. Majority of the time, we spend in the water.

  • IKO educated instructors
  • Modern kite gear
  • Wet suit, boots, gloves etc
  • IKO certification – Rent gear all over the world
  • Wind guarantee
  • After finished a course you get a good discount on a new kite package
  • Course is valid for 1 year from purchase

KITE COURCE BASIC 1 day (5 hours) 2.895kr

You learn the basics of kitesurfing, in theory and practice.


  • Free pre-knowledge online
  • IKO standard course
  • Theory and risk assessment
  • Spotcheck
  • Windcheck
  • Safety system
  • Selfrescue
  • Rigging and correct handling
  • Launch and land kite
  • Relaunch on water
  • Bodydrag
  • Bodydrag upwind
  • Bodydrag with kiteboard
  • Water starts

KITE COURCE COMPLETE 2 days (10 hours) 4.595kr
Our most popular kite course!

Our most complete kite course with the quickest progress. You really get the time to practice together with your kite instructor.


Day 1
Same as basic course

Day 2

  • Refresh from day 1 if necessary
  • Coaching
  • Self rescue
  • Technique board riding
  • Technique kite control

KITE COURSE MAX 3 days (15 hours) 6.195kr

Three whole days of kitesurfing with instructor. A solid start, advanced exercises, combined with tips from your kitecoach.

KITE COURSE EXTRADAY (5 hour) 2.195kr

We will tailor the course according to your abilities.

KITE COURSE REFRESH (3 hours) 1.800kr

Perfect for you who already know the basics of kitesurfing but need a refresher.

PRIVATE LESSON 900kr / hour

Just you and the instructor.

TRY IT  (2 hours)  1.300 kr

For you who want to see what kitesurfing is all about. A taste of the kitesurfing world. 2-4 persons.

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