Rent Kite Gear

Do you want to rent Kite gear? Send an e-mail to Mention what date and gear you would like to rent, at least 12 hours ahead, then wait for confirmation. 500 kr deposit, the rest is payable on the beach we are on that day. You will have to prove that you will be able to handle the gear correctly as well as your IKO certification (or similar).
Equipment 4 hours
Ozone Catalyst   600 kr
Core Xr6   800 kr
North Orbit 1000 kr
North Reach   900 kr
Board   300 kr
Wet suit   300 kr
Harness   200 kr
Switch options
If you want us to bring different sizes to the beach will incur a cost of 400 kr.
Rental Conditions
  • You will have to show IKO or similar certification.
  • Deposit of 500 kr. The remaining is payable on the beach
  • All kite gear is uninsured. You as a lessee are responsible for the full value of the product, if it disappers or get damaged during the rental period*.
  • Your rental period is from pickup to drop off.

Båstad Kite: 123 5560 123

Look up your insurance when you rent kite gear.

* You are 100% responsible for damage or theft.

The kite gear is always inspected together with the customer before handling over.

The equipment should be returned in a clean and dry condition and packed in the same way as you received it.